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*Issue - Pixelation of the picture during the viewing of channels*

  1. MENU > SETUP > USAGE & GUI > SERVICEAPP. (If ServiceApp is not available from the menu, download this from MENU > PLUGINS > GREEN BUTTON > SYSTEM PLUGINS)
  2. Change the top line (Enigma2 Playback System) from 'original' to 'serviceapp'.
  3. Change the 2nd line (Player) from ‘gstplayer’ to ‘exteplayer3’.
  4. Press the GREEN button on remote control to confirm the settings.
  5. Select YES to restart the device.

  1. Once the device has restarted, go to MENU > PLUGINS > XTREAM EDITOR.
  2. Change Service ID from ‘DVB (1)’ to IPTV (4097)’.
  3. Press GREEN to save settings.
  4. Restart the device.



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