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Please have a backup if the service ever goes down; we may need to complete upgrades or fix an issue and we will do our best to get this up and running asap.

Do not create tickets asking us for updates!

We can only tell you what we know and will be ignored. We are not responsible for you cancelling your current tv subscription, this service should always be treated as an add-on.

We send messages out if there is an issue on our side. If you don't receive one, check your internet connection, restart the router and device and make sure your app is updated before opening a ticket.

Our servers are not the same as other streaming services such as Netflix, Prime, etc. To run our services at an optimal level, you need a minimum of 24Mbps to the device, not your phone or tablet.

If your service is buffering, download a speed test from an app store and take a reading. Please provide this as a screenshot or photo in a ticket when contacting us with an issue.

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