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Multiroom lasts the length of your main line - Once your main line expires so does your multiroom

The cost of multiroom will always be the same depending on the fixed duration of your main line and will cost the same no matter when purchased or how long is left on your main.

Multiroom is for one house/network only; it is not multi-house!

If the panel picks up that you are using it from 2 houses or 2 different networks (including VPN) at the same time, your line will lock to 1 IP for 48 hours (if it is not your own house, that is your fault, and we won't be removing it as it is a waste of our time).

If it happens a 2nd time, it will be 72 hours. A 3rd time will be a permanent lock of your line and will cost £10 to have this removed. Refunds will also not be given because you have abused the service.

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